Noor: My first term at the International Study Centre

05 February 2021
Students hold up Welsh flag with dragon

Noor - one of our student ambassadors - has just completed her first term with us. She reflects on her experiences here and what she has learned.

I will never forget the overwhelming rush of excitement I experienced when receiving my offer letter to become a part of the international Study Centre. I couldn’t wait to embark upon the first step of my journey in shaping my future career. My first term at Cardiff ISC was an exhilarating experience, full of excitement but also some uncertainty in the mix. This first term has been filled with bouts of homesickness, which was certainly an obstacle to overcome, but I am glad to say that I found productive ways around it.

Online learning

The beginning of this academic year was unlike any I’ve ever had before. Although a factor, it wasn’t because I was thousands of miles away from home, but rather due to it being fully online. Attending classes online was a big adjustment but with the right equipment and scheduling, I was able to settle in well. Although I thought attending virtual classes was going to be isolating, I found that joining group chats and participating in discussion enabled me to interact with my classmates and learn more about them. Being able to be a part of such a diverse community is an immense privilege as we can all bring in different perspectives and that is something I really enjoyed, and I am truly grateful for.

Balancing time

Time management is vital in allowing yourself to settle well into your new environment. Keeping yourself busy is important but you also have to allocate sufficient time to take care of yourself. I think one of the few positives that have emerged from this pandemic is remembering not to rush through everything and take things easier. Before the outbreak of coronavirus, we lived at a very fast pace. I am hoping to remember to take the things I have learned from the pandemic and incorporate it into my life afterwards.

This first term threw a fair amount of new responsibilities towards me and finding the balance between schoolwork, chores, and also time for hobbies is definitely something I am still trying to navigate my way through, but adopting good time management skills is definitely a part of the journey.