Why study in the UK?

04 January 2021
Students work together on laptop in shared space in Journalism building

Reasons to study in the UK

Quality of education

The UK has one of the oldest educational systems in the world, and UK universities are respected for their teaching and research standards. UK universities also have a strong focus on employability, and you will be encouraged to look ahead to your career throughout your degree studies.

Variety of courses

There is a huge choice of degree subjects in the UK, and Cardiff is no exception. As well as being able to specialise in what you’re most interested in, you can also graduate more quickly in the UK. Standard undergraduate programmes in England and Wales take only three years, while they normally take four in other countries including the U.S. A majority of master’s programmes here also take one year, instead of the standard two in many other countries.

Work opportunities

Most UK study visas allow you to work a certain number of hours part time while studying. As well as giving you an opportunity to earn money, this can also help you build vital skills for your future workplace. You will also have the chance to start your career in the UK with a two-year post-study work visa or international students graduating from UK universities.

Explore British culture

The UK has produced some of the biggest icons of the last century, from Harry Potter to The Beatles. It is famous for a long tradition of music, literature and art. Living here will give you a fantastic insight into British culture and history, as well as its people.

Practise your English

Studying in English is a great opportunity to build a skill that can help you in many ways. It is the most spoken language in the world, and being able to speak good English means you will be able to communicate with more people during your career, and also meet and make friends with people from around the world.

Why study in Wales?

Find a warm welcome

Wales is a proudly multicultural country, and places special importance on supporting its international community. Its long history of immigration began when workers from Europe, China and parts of Africa came to work in the docks, and it has continued to attract people to settle here from all over the world.

Experience a high-quality education

As part of the United Kingdom, Wales offers the same high-quality education, with a long tradition of high-ranking universities. You will also study in English, although Welsh is also spoken in some parts of the country. While living in Cardiff, you could choose learn some Welsh, one of the oldest languages in the world.

Find lots to explore

If you want to get out into nature, Wales has a long coastline full of beautiful sandy beaches, as well as being home to stunning mountainous national parks. Wales also has more than 600 castles (more per square mile than anywhere else in the world), meaning you will never be short of fascinating historical sites to explore.


Live in a friendly capital city

In Cardiff, where you can enjoy all that city living has to offer, from world-class sport to multicultural food, shopping and the arts. It is one of the UK’s most diverse and welcoming cities, home to people from all around the world.

Affordable cost of living

Cardiff is also well-known for being an affordable place to live, with cheap accommodation, food and travel costs. The 2019 NatWest Student Living Index named Cardiff as the most affordable city for students.

Excellent transport links

There are several stations in Cardiff, linking it to fantastic places across Wales and beyond. It is also only two and a half hours from London, and with its own airport, it is easy to get to other parts of the UK and Europe.

Start your study abroad journey in Cardiff

At Cardiff University International Study Centre, you will be supported from your first day in Wales to make friends, build skills, and progress to a world-class university.

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