Pre-Master's in Computer Science

Computer science is one of the fastest-moving and most exciting global industries. You will explore how technology can solve problems and transform lives around the world.

Key facts
Entry requirements

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Your route to a postgraduate degree

During this programme, you will be introduced to postgraduate study with a wealth of support. The subject knowledge, English practice and study skills you gain from the Pre-Master's programme will set you up for success when you progress to your chosen Master's degree at Cardiff University.

  • Study Plan

    Study plan

    English language level* Semesters Course length Start date End date
    IELTS 5.5 (5.5 in all skills) 2 semesters 30 weeks Sep-21 Jun-22
    IELTS 5.5 (5.5 in all skills) 2 semesters 30 weeks Jan-22 Aug-22
    IELTS 5.5 (5.0 in all skills) 2.5 semesters 35 weeks Nov-21 Aug-22
    IELTS 5.0 (5.0 in all skills) 3 semesters 40 weeks Sep-21 Aug-22
    IELTS 5.0 (5.0 in all skills) 3 semesters 40 weeks Jun-22 Jun-23

    *equivalencies are accepted

What will I study?

If you are studying either the 3 semester or 2.5 semester programmes, the first semester (10 weeks) or 0.5 semester (5 weeks) of your programme will focus on improving your English language skills. For the final two semesters, you will move to study academic skills modules, academic modules related to your chosen subject-area, and continue to receive English language training.

When you complete the first semester (10 weeks) or 0.5 semester (5 weeks), you will be assessed internally to ensure you have reached the required B2 level in order to progress to your final two semesters.

If you start the 2 semester programme, your programme will consist of academic skills modules, academic modules related to your subject-area, and English language training.

Core modules


Fantastic facilities

Facilities are consistently rated among the top three of all computing schools in the UK, by students voting in the annual National Student Survey.

  • Critical Reading and Applied Writing Skills

    This is a designated module for all Pre-Masters students on the Business, Social Science and Humanities and Computer Science pathways. The module complements the Academic English Skills (AES) Module and helps the students to develop essential critical reading and applied writing skills needed at postgraduate levels. The first section of the module will introduce students to critical reading and writing, lexical and grammatical accuracy and report writing.The second part of the module will move on to explore the rudiments of applied writing skills and how to conduct a literature review. The third part of the module examines personal development strategies and the ability to conduct data analysis and interpret visual and graphical representations of data. 

  • Mathematics for Master's

    This is a mathematics module for students progressing to department of computer science at Cardiff University.  The module provides a platform for students from different educational backgrounds to build their mathematical skills in preparation for their studies in a Master’s degree level. Students will develop a solid understanding of mathematical principles and concepts essential for science and engineering. They will acquire the ability to apply a range of mathematical methods using analytical methods and computational tools in Python.  

Computing modules

  • Statistics for Research

    Research and data analysis are useful tools in scientific and technological advancement specially in relation to making informed decisions. In order to appreciate the global demands for technological advancement and the gaps, this module complements the critical reading and applied writing skills module. Students will explore methodological issues and the role of statistical analysis in scientific research. In considering the methodological issues, students will explore quantitative and qualitative research methods with an aim of locating the usefulness of statistics. This is a core module for students progressing to the department of computer science where they will learn about concepts and principles of statistics, probability and data analysis.

Engineering modules

  • Programming Concepts for Postgraduate Study

    This is a core module for students progressing to the department of computer science at Cardiff University. Learners from different background will be introduced to the programming environment in PyCharm as a beginner and they will build up Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) skills to an advanced level in imperative programming paradigm. Students will develop teamwork, document version control, communication skills, and working effectively as an individual and as part of a team. The module offers a platform for students to extend their programming skills as part of a project in the context of computing and engineering and collaborate with other team members in planning, design and development of the project. Students will use PyCharm, a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to write, debug and test Python codes. Students will collaborate on development of a given project and they will design a poster and present their solution to an audience at the end of the module.

Progress to your degree

After completing your Pre-Master's and achieving the necessary grades, you can transition to your chosen postgraduate degree.