5 benefits of studying psychology

Students making notes in lecture hall

What is psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how it affects behaviour. It explores the thoughts, feelings and motivations behind people’s actions and investigates what makes us different – and alike. Psychological research can be applied to help us understand issues and events in the world today.

Why study psychology?

Psychology is a fascinating subject which helps you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Why do people think and act as they do? How do they learn and change over the course of their lives? There are several reasons for choosing to study psychology at university:

Prepare to become a psychologist

The first step to gaining accreditation as a psychologist is an undergraduate degree. The three (or four year with a placement) course gives you a thorough grounding before you go on to specialise. Psychologists work in a variety of settings in both the public and private sectors and make a positive impact, often helping to treat people or undertaking vital research.

Excellent job prospects

Whether or not you choose to become a psychologist, you will be sure to find a job. Psychology graduates have a wide range of transferrable skills, meaning they are in demand from employers in several different industries. According to Discover Uni, 100% of Cardiff University psychology graduates go on to work and/or study within 15 months after the course.

Better understand yourself and others

Learning about human behaviour will help you in daily life, for example helping you better navigate your interactions with others. It can also improve your skills in things like communication and conflict management.

Range of subject specific knowledge

A psychology degree will give you knowledge of different areas such as developmental, educational and sports psychology. You will study modules like language and memory and mental health and in your final year you will choose a field to explore in depth with a research project.

Key transferrable skills

During your degree you will practise and refine a range of transferrable sills, from effective communication to critical thinking. You will also refine your research, writing and time management. Reading and interpreting data will build your skills in statistical analysis and numeracy. All of these abilities are highly valued by employers, as well as being valuable in daily life.

Study psychology in the UK

The UK is respected around the world for its high quality of education. A degree from a good university here will give you a thorough knowledge of psychology and help get you noticed by potential employers. Cardiff University is a Russell Group university with a large international student population. It is ranked 5th in the UK and 38th in the world for Psychology in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021.

Cardiff University International Study Centre prepares international students to study at degree level. You will adjust to life in the UK in a welcoming, multicultural environment with expert teachers and friendly support staff. Through a combination of English language practise and academic teaching, you will build the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed at university.

Study the International Foundation Year in Arts, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences or the International Foundation Year in Health, Medical and Life Sciences. When you complete your programme, you will progress to a psychology degree at the University.


Is psychology a good subject to study?

People with skills in psychology are sought after in many different areas of the working world. Having a degree in the subject is useful for any job that requires an understanding of human behaviour and development.

One of the benefits of studying psychology is the many valuable skills you will learn that can be applied to all areas of your career, making psychology graduates highly employable.

Is psychology difficult to study?

Psychology can be a difficult subject to study as you will be working with complicated theories and ideas. However, one of the advantages of psychology is the potential to have an improved understanding of the world and make it a better place.

What is the duration of a psychology course?

The typical psychology degree takes three to four years to complete at undergraduate level. You can also choose to further your study with a postgraduate degree for an additional one or two years. The length of your degree will depend on the subject you choose to study and the level of study.