Student accommodation in Cardiff

Students starting in September can apply to live in Cardiff University accommodation. Most options are a short walk from the University and the city centre. There is a range of shared flats in different areas of the city. 70% of bedrooms have their own en-suite facilities.

Your new home

All rooms in University residences have a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, and wifi. Some also have meal plans. You will share a kitchen/dining area, and can apply for an ensuite bathroom if you wish. View more information on University residences.

How to book your accommodation

Students under the age of 18 must arrange their accommodation through the Centre. You will receive an invitation to apply for our accommodation when you confirm your place. If you request accommodation when you apply for the International Study Centre, the Central Student Support team will contact you with the latest information on available accommodation and fees.

Act early if you can

We have good availability of accommodation for upcoming intakes, however we encourage applying as soon as is possible to maximise chances of getting a room offer and in the accommodation type that suits you best. Accommodation is still available, but please note it is allocated on a first-come-first served basis. 

Once you have confirmed your course you will be contacted by the Central Student Support team, who will give you information on available accommodation options and how to book them.

Arranging your own accommodation privately

If you are booking your own accommodation privately it is important that you let us know where you are staying and that you are staying less than 60 minutes' commute away from Cardiff University International Study Centre.

Look out for fraud

Scammers may specifically target international students so it is important to be able to recognise common signs of fraudulent activity and know what to do if you come across it. Let us know at if you have any concerns about fraudulent activity when dealing with a private accommodation provider so that we can help to protect you and other international students in case they are targeted in the same way.

Accommodation costs

University Accommodation

Part-catered (shared bathroom)
2023/24: £5,591.60 - £6,403.60
2024/25: £5,899.60 - £6,756.40

Part-catered (en-suite)
2023/24: from £6,400.80
2024/25: from £6,753.60

Self-catered (shared bathroom)
2023/24: £4,519.20 - £5,328.40
2024/25: £4,768.40  - £5,622.40

Self-catered (en-suite)
2023/24: £4,925.20 - £6,921.60
2024/25: £5,196.80  - £7,302.40

*Guideline costs for full 40-week tenancies

Join us today

We're here to support you throughout the application process. Use our online application form and our student enrolment advisors will be available to answer your questions.