6 benefits of studying a master's degree

23 June 2021
students smile while chatting to each other in engineering lab at Cardiff University

You’ve worked hard to finish your degree. What next? It might not be as simple as just starting your career straight away; you may have more you want to learn, or need extra qualifications first. There are so many reasons why people choose to study master’s degrees; the skills you build and the people you meet will enrich your life for years to come.

Here are all the reasons why a master’s degree could be a great option.

Why study a master’s degree?

Enhance your career prospects

A master’s degree could help you secure your dream job, as employers are always looking for graduates who have ambition, can work independently and have advanced knowledge of their sector. The extra skills you build during your master’s degree could increase your earning potential, too.


A master’s degree exposes you to like-minded people on your course who could be valuable contacts in the future. You will also have access to industry leaders through the University. Whether you want a business partner, or just want to make use of connections in your industry, a wide network brings great rewards.

Gain specialist knowledge

Studying for a master’s gives you an extra year to build knowledge of your chosen subject, preparing you to stand out in your field. It also demonstrates that you have a learning mindset, something that is valued by employers.

Career change

Maybe you’ve been out of education for a while and you’re looking to retrain and start a new career. A master’s degree is a great way to build on what you learned in your undergraduate degree and start to specialise in a new field. Holding a relevant master’s can be a good way to start a career in a new industry.

Personal development

Education is not just about preparing you for the workplace; it’s also about enriching your life, learning to become independent and building ‘soft’ skills such as communication, teamwork and organisation. These are all things that will help you whatever path you choose to take in the future.

Prepare for your next step

You may need to take a master’s degree in order to prepare for a PhD, or you may need professional accreditation to make a strong start to your career. Many degrees at Cardiff – from business to geography – offer the chance to gain accreditations that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Students in an historic old lecture theatre at Cardiff University

Why study a master’s degree in the UK and Wales?

The UK is globally recognised for its excellent higher education, and Wales is no exception. As well as a great academic experience, you will also experience an unbeatable student lifestyle, with world-class entertainment, beautiful scenery and amazing culture all at your door.

Cardiff – one of the UK’s capital cities - now ranks alongside London and Edinburgh as one of the UK’s most popular destinations. It is a friendly, multicultural city with everything you need for a fantastic student experience.

World-class universities

Cardiff University is a proud member of the Russell Group (24 leading research-intensive universities in the UK). The University is ranked 159th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2021. It is also ranked 2nd nationally for the impact of its research and this research is fed into teaching.

Globally recognised degree

The UK’s reputation for higher education means that wherever you settle after university, employers there will be impressed if you hold a degree from a UK institution.

Improve your language skills

There is no better way to learn English than surrounding yourself with native speakers. Studying in the UK means that you will be taught in English and also speak it outside of the classroom, meaning your language skills and confidence will develop quickly.

Develop a global outlook

Meeting and studying with people from all around the world gives you a fascinating insight into other cultures. Having an international outlook is something that will serve you in both your personal and professional lives, in an increasingly globalised economy.

Career opportunities

With the Graduate Immigration Route visa, you will have the option to stay and work in the UK for up to two years after you graduate. This is an amazing opportunity to build career experience and find out more about the UK’s working culture.

Students work together to build a Formula One car in an engineering lab at Cardiff University

Study a master's degree in the UK for international students


The Pre-Master’s programme at Cardiff University International Study Centre has been specially designed to prepare international students for UK postgraduate study. Here, you will live and learn in a supportive, multicultural environment and build the English language and academic knowledge you need to succeed in a master’s degree.

Study at Cardiff

Cardiff University is a respected institution that welcomes students from around the world. Its reputation for friendliness and acceptance makes it the perfect place to be an international student.

English language requirements

You will need a certain level of English to be able to study with us, but our specialist English language teaching will prepare you to start your master’s degree with confidence.