How to work effectively while studying virtually

21 January 2021
Student using computer

Many students will be studying virtually at the moment, and if you are starting with us soon, you may be too. You might feel unsure about your upcoming studies, so we asked our student ambassador Chloe, from Hong Kong, to share how she has achieved success while studying from home.

Due to the global situation, online study has been opened for students. As an international student, I have chosen to start my studies in my home country. But I can still work effectively at home. How? Let me tell you my secret recipe here!

Studying effectively from home

Remind yourself of your goals

Stop procrastinating and tell yourself that you can do more things than you think. When studying at home, I often want to do something else (Netflix and YouTube are my best friends) instead of doing my coursework. Therefore, I try to tell myself not to procrastinate and spend time saying that every day in front of the mirror.

I have also put the entry requirements of my progression degree with some basic graphics about my chosen subject on my desk. It reminds of the reason I started my journey here and how much effort I should put in to get the grades I want.

Schedule your day well with an achievable plan and to-do list

I live in a place where the time zone is ahead of the UK, so I usually do my revision and preview in the morning (UK night time), then attend online live lectures and seminars in the afternoon (UK morning time).

It is important to know the fundamentals or background of the topic before having classes, as it helps me understand the lesson more easily. Using the advantages of time zones helps me a lot in this situation. If you don’t know what to do during your free time, it would be great to draft and complete a to-do list. The list can help you prioritise and find out what to do to meet homework deadlines.

Track your progress and reward yourself

Alongside my to-do list, which I tick off when I finish a task, I use productivity apps to help me stay focused (especially at home) by marking the items I have done during that time period. I get a sense of accomplishment when looking at the number of tasks I have done after working for some time. That pushes me forward to do more tasks each day. At the end of the day, I get a scoop of ice cream and enjoy it with videos to relax and reward myself. Another kind of relief for me is to have a tasty meal with my family.

That’s what I do to make myself to be an effective online learner. Do you have any skills to make yourself work effectively when studying virtually? Get in touch on Facebook and join the conversation.

Chloe is currently studying the International Foundation Year in Health, Medical and Life Sciences at the International Study Centre. Find out more about the programmes available at Cardiff University International Study Centre here.