Happy Kuwait National Day 2021 from the Cardiff University International Study Centre

25 February 2021
A Kuwaiti Cardiff student with a Kuwait flag

To celebrate Kuwait's National Day, we asked one of our Kuwaiti student ambassadors, Sara, to share what the day means to her and how she plans on celebrating in this challenging year. Sara is currently studying the International Foundation Year in Health, Medical and Life Sciences at Cardiff University International Study Centre. You can learn more about the programme here.

One of my happiest holidays is our Kuwait’s National Day. It falls on the 25th of February this year, and in 2021 we will be celebrating the 60th Kuwait National Day. On the day, almost all families gather around and people can feel the happiness in the air.

Personally, every year I celebrate in different ways. We mostly go to our beach house or the farm, where we all gather around and play national songs. It is always a heart-warming time for me. We tend to do some BBQing, paint our flag colours on our faces and have water balloon fights. Sometimes, we would go out the streets to see all the Kuwaitis playing national songs out loud and smiling into each other’s faces spreading love and joy everywhere. At night everyone would start playing fireworks and our moms would do us some hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, this year it will be different due to the current pandemic and moving abroad to study. I will definitely miss the family gathering and the heart-warming feeling. This year I will spend it in my apartment wishing everyone a happy National Day back in my country. There is not much to do because of the restrictions, but we might gather around with my Kuwaiti friends and play some national songs and have fun with each other. 

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